Digital Theodolite

The term digital theodolite can be used to describe those survey instruments designed to precisely measure horizontal and vertical angles.  In addition to measuring horizontal and vertical angles, digital theodolite are used to establish straight lines, to establish horizontal and vertical distances through the use of stadia, and to establish elevations when used as a level.

A digital theodolite is a survey instrument using a three-screw leveling base, glass horizontal and vertical circles read directly with a digital display, and equipped with right-angle optical plummet for setting over specific points.

The digital theodolite consists of three main assemblies.  The upper assembly, called the alidade, includes the standards, telescope, digital display for reading the horizontal and vertical circle, plate bubbles, compass, and upper tangent (slow motion) screw.

The spindle of the alidade on the digital theodolite fits down into the hollow spindle of the next assembly, the circle assembly.  The circle assembly includes the horizontal circle that is covered by the alidade plate, the upper clamp screw, and the hollow spindle previously mentioned.

The hollow spindle of the circle assembly on the digital theodolite fits down into the leveling head, the final assembly of the digital theodolite.  The leveling head on the digital theodolite includes the four leveling screws, the half-ball joint about which opposing screws are manipulated to level the digital theodolite instrument, a threaded collar that permits attachment of the digital theodolite to a tripod, the lower clamp and slow-motion screw.

All our digital theodolite carry a minimum of a 1 year warranty and can be repaired in-house and parts are available on all models that we sell.

How to Use a Digital Theodolite Step-by-step

  1. Set up your digital theodolite over a point using the optical plummet device on the bottom of the digital theodolite.
  2. Back sight your digital theodolite survey instrument by sighting the crosshairs and focusing telescope and on a reference point.  The reference point can be occupied by a pole at least 150 feet away.
  3. The next step is to zero the digital theodolite by hitting the set zero button.
  4. You can turn any horizontal or vertical angle on the digital theodolite you want to measure or layout using the displayed readings on the LED.
  5. When you are finished put the digital theodolite back into its case and never close the case when it wet.


Geo-Measure DT-21 Digital Theodolite

Our Geo-Measure DT-21 digital theodolite features a single horizontal spindle with cross telescope; a new design concept with higher precision and better stability and shock resistance. It contains an absolute angle encoder system, which allows angles to be read without passing 0. This makes angle measurements more simple and convenient.

The digital theodolite also features a large LCD double-sided display with backlight technology, and displays horizontal and vertical angles at the same time. The digital theodolite is sealed against water and dust (IP66) and maintains a good performance even in a bad environment. The DT-21 digital theodolite comes with a 3.7V chargeable lithium battery.

GeoMax Zipp02 Digital Theodolite

The GeoMax Zipp02 digital theodolite, with vertical compensation and 2” accuracy, provides you with the precision required for your most demanding jobs. The digital theodolite features a high quality steel axis system to ensure durability. The digital theodolite is equipped with a dual-sided large character back-lit LCD display and battery status indicator. It features six one touch button functions for easy operation. The visible laser plummet on the digital theodolite enables you to set up over a point faster and easier than ever. The Zipp02 digital theodolite is the perfect surveying equipment when it comes to checking angles, alignments, grade work, and short range levelling.

(1.0) GeoMeasure DT-92 (2") Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer

Product Details
  • Special design: single horizontal spindle with cross telescope, new design concept, higher precision, better stable and shock resistance ability.
  • Absolute angle encoder system: able to read angle data without passing “0”.  Lets angle measurement be more simple and convenient.
  • Laser Plummet for easy point location.
  • Large display: backlight technology, displays horizontal and vertical angle at the same time.  Convenient to use in different conditions.
  •  Superior water and dust proof specification IP66.  Maintains good performance even in bad environment.
  • Built in Laser Pointer for Easy Point Location
  • 2″ Accuracy
Package Includes:
  • DT-92 Digital Theodolite
  • Case
  • Manual
  • 2 Batteries + Charger
  • Plumb Bob