(3.3) GeoMeasure 2M Adjustable Carbon Fibre Snap-Lock Rover Pole ONLY

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Our Geo-Measure snap-lock 2-metre rover poles are faster to set-up and more user-friendly than traditional poles. Made of either aluminum or carbon fibre, they feature a one-piece design and two locking systems for stability. The two locking systems guarantee no slipping and maintains straightness.

Product Features:
  • One-piece design and two locking systems for stability
  • Snap lock which guarantees no slipping
  • Compression lock centers the telescoping inner and maintains straightness
  • Comes with a 40-minute adjustable circular vial
  • Telescopes to 2 m (6′ 6.7″); collapses to 1.354 m (4′ 5.3″)
  • Carbon fiber is strong, dent resistant and has a ‘zero’ coefficient of expansion
  • Weighs 0.73 kg (1.6 lb)

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