Satlab Geosolutions

Satlab Geosolutions is a Swedish based GNSS company founded by GNSS engineers and professionals with over 40 years of experience in the GNSS field. Dedicated to serving the GNSS survey market, Satlab Geosolutions offers a wide range of the GNSS products from RTK GNSS surveying solutions and GIS GNSS mapping products to the SLD-100 depth sounders.  Satlab Geosolutions is an experienced system integrator that will ensure that you get the best products at the most affordable price. With offices throughout the world, Satlab is able to offer effective GNSS product technical support for end users, so you don’t lose time with equipment “how to use” questions.

Satlab Geosolutions GNSS Products

Satlab Geosolutions offers a wide variety of GNSS products, including some of the most innovative products on the market. The Satlab SLX-1 multi-constellation GNSS receiver is an effective CORs or high precision network base stations, featuring a 220 channel receiver that receives Beidou, Glonass, Galileo and GPS.  The SLX-1 is designed to act as a reference base station, using it’s onboard wi-fi and Bluetooth communication to supply accurate and reliable RTK data through any format to your network rover receivers. With an on-board Linux operating system, the compact SLX-1 is able to provide the surveyor with a much more robust reference station than previous generations or CORs receivers.

The Satlab SLC is another of Satlab Geosolutions innovative new product line, combining ergonomic Swedish design with the proven and reliable Novatel OEM617 receiver giving you a handheld receiver capable of RTK precision. The SLC provides native support for Android and Windows devices, integrating with your device and providing real-time updates to mapping databases like ESRI or Carlson SurvPC. Highly accurate, the Satlab SLC can achieve 1cm +/- 1ppm accuracy when used with an RTK network and decimeter accuracy when using DGPS or SBAS (.6m and 0.4m respectively).  Designed as an extension of your existing equipment, the SLC is capable of receiving GNSS signals from all existing constellations, including GPS L1/L2, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo. With both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, it can output its position using all standard NMEA string formats making it capable of supporting GIS, Machine Control and Geodesy work. An IP 67 rating gives the SLC the ability to work in any environment you are capable of subjecting it to.  The SLC is also useful in any infrastructure or asset management project, the small form factor and easy to integrate platform fitting into the existing system of utilities or asset management companies. Manage your right of ways or street lights, track needed repairs or completed projects using high precision GPS, saving your work crews time and money through increased positioning accuracy. The SLC is a one of a kind product that exemplifies the innovative nature of Satlab Geosolutions.\

Rounding out Satlabs GNSS products are the SL300 and SL55. Designed to compete with and out-perform the MobileMapper series of GIS collection devices, the SL300 and SL55 provide you with enhanced accuracy at an affordable price, meeting all European standards and providing you with centimeter level accuracy.

Designed as a complete GIS mapping package, the Satlab SL300 uses a Novatel receiver to track multi constellations (dual frequency) and SBAS, providing you with independent decimeter accuracy. Designed to work with Carlson SurvCE, the SL300 has a 3.7” sun readable touch screen and a rugged exterior, IP67 rated for use in the toughest environments, the SL300 is the GIS solution for use wherever you need it. With a high precision internal antenna and Bluetooth and USB connectivity, it’s easy to use the Satlab SL300 as a standalone GIS tool. Used with SurvCE, the 5-megapixel camera can allow you to add context to your GIS mapping, and the internal 3g modem allows you to update your maps on the fly.

Ths Satlab SL55 is Satlab Geosolutions most cost effective mapping tool, an affordable and compact integrated handheld capable of cm level accuracy when paired with post-processing software. An advanced single frequency multi-constellation receiver tracks GPS, Glonass and Beidou satellites, ensuring that you always have a position, even in the most challenging GNSS environments. USB, Wi-Fi Bluetooth and 3G connectivity connect the SL55 to the office in real time, and the raw data logging capability is capable of increasing your accuracy to the centimeter level. Only 15cm tall and 8cm wide, the SL55 has a small form factor that the rough terrain GIS professional will appreciate, and the IP65 environmental rating will keep it working for you. Pair the SL55 with the optional external antenna and you have the most affordable and accurate post processing solution on the market.

Satlab Geosolutions Depth Sounders

Satlab Geosolutions wants to provide the complete range of tools to the surveying industry, and the SLD100 echo sounder for hydrographic surveying is one of their most innovative products. With a depth range from 30cms to 100ms, and 0.1 m or 1 cm accuracy, the SLD100 is a capable and compact echo sounder designed for integration with a precision GNSS RTK receiver. Complete with a mounting bracket for both the sonar transducer and your GNSS receiver, the SLD100 can mount on any size watercraft. When operated with a GNSS solution, the SLD100 echo sounder can provide a subsurface map as accurate as your RTK receiver. The SLD100 will help you expand your survey business from land to under any water body.

Satlab Geosolutions Product Support

Bench-Mark Equipment and Supply is the exclusive western North America retailer and Service Centre for Satlab Geosolutions. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are always available to assist you with your GNSS products. With 15 years servicing the survey industry Bench-Mark Equipment is proud to partner with Satlab Geosolutions by offering this affordable line of designed GNSS and Survey solutions.

(1.0) SatLab SL600 RTK GNSS Kit with SL55+

Product Details
  • GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou + Galileo 
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Built Tough Housing
  • Hot Swapable Long Life Batteries
Package Includes:
  • SL600 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • SL600 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • SL55+ w/ SurvCE GPS Software
  • 2.5m GPS Adjustable Rover Pole
  • Pole Mount and GPS Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Tribrach and Adapter
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod
  • Pelican Hard Case

(1.0) SatLab UAV RTK Automated GNSS Sensor

Product Details
  • Fully Automated for Use with Pre-Set Parameters
  • True Heading Output
  • Multiple Working Modes (UHF, GSM, PPK)
  • Compatible with Any Autopilot / Photogrammetric System with Available Camera Trigger Signal


Package Includes:
  • UAV RTK Receiver
  • UAV GNSS Antenna
  • GNSS / GSM Antenna Cable
  • GSM Antenna
  • Connection Cable Kit
  • Velcro Strip
  • Quick Guide

(2.0) SatLab SLC Handheld GIS Data Collector

Product Details
  • Centimeter Level Accuracy in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Easy to Use One Button Operation
  • Runs Current GIS Software
  • Runs with Android or iOS products
  • One Time Setup
Package Includes:
  • SLC GIS Data Collector
  • Android Tablet
  • Mounts for Phones and Tablets
  • Charger / Download Cable
  • Tablet Charger / Download Cable

(2.0) SatLab SLX1 Reference Station

Product Details
  • Easy Network Setup
  • Tracks all GNSS Constellations
  • Remote Management
  • Supports both cell and wired connections
Package Includes:
  • SatLab SLX-1 Reference station
  • GNSS Antenna
  • Antenna Cable
  • Internet Cable

SLD100 Depth Sounder

Package Includes:
  • SLD-100 Sounder Electronics Module
  • SLD-100 Transducer, w/ Cable and Connector
  • Charging Cable
  • Boat Mount Bracket
  • USB Charger