Depth Sounders


The modern surveyor needs more tools in his arsenal than the total station and the tape. Robotic total stations, GNSS RTK surveying systems, laser scanning and photogrammetry have all enhanced surveyor productivity, increased the quality of the survey product that can be delivered to the customer, and opened up new markets to smaller survey companies. The Satlab SLD-100 depth sounder is another device that can be added to the surveyor’s toolbox, with a modern approach to bathymetric or small scale hydrographic surveying.

Depth sounders allow the modern surveyor to create bathymetric surveys of any body of water, accurately mapping the contours of the lake or sea floor. This process is known as bathymetry and depth or echo sounding has come a long way since lead weights and cord. Modern echo sounders use a sonar transducer to reflect sound waves off the sea floor, measuring the time it takes the sound pulse to reflect. Producing more accuracy maps of sea floor is is now possible because of the ability to collect data at a higher sampling frequencies, echo sounders are very inexpensive and can collect data at 1 to 10 centimeter level accuracy at greater depths.

Bathymetry is required in many waterways, both for construction and ensuring navigability. Used in conjunction with a GNSS RTK receiver providing accurate 3 dimensional positioning, an echo sounder like the Satlab SLD-100 will generate an accurate map of sub-surface conditions, whether you are trying to dredge a channel, locate pilings for a bridge or map the contours of a lake. Modern echo sounders for survey use are designed for this easy integration into the 3-d mapping process outputting data strings that are used, in conjunction with GNSS survey receiver outputs, then input into various hydrographic software to build accurate contour models. This integration of technology allows a surveyor to enter a marketplace that was traditionally dominated by dedicated and expensive mapping sonar.

The Satlab SLD-100 is a user friendly depth sounder that uses sonar waves to accurately identify, to within 1 cm, depths from 30cm to 100m deep. Capable of running for 10 hours on an internal lithium ion battery, the IP67 rated SLD-100 has a Bluetooth interface and can be correlated with any modern GNSS RTK survey receiver to increase the ease of your Hydrographic surveying. The mini-usb or Bluetooth interface provide you with outputs in any of the standard depth strings including, $SDDPT, $SDDBT and $YXMTW, all at 1 HZ and 4800 BPS. This makes the SLD-100 compatible with all Hydrographic survey software packages. The ping frequency of the sonar transducer is 200kHz, ensuring accurate data resolution for the depths that in-shore surveyors will need to work in. The narrow 9 or 11 degree transducer beam also works to ensure that you have the highest resolution depth data.

Mounting the SLD-100 depth sounder is extremely simple and easy-to-use, with the compact instrument designed to mount on the gunwale of small watercraft. The included clamp allows the mounting of the depth sounder in conjunction with your GPS RTK receiver, mounting both the sonar transducer and the SLD-100 to the survey pole for your receiver, giving you the ability to accurately create a 3-dimensional map of the ocean floor. The IP-67 rated enclosure of the receiver is proof against all dust ingress and against 3m of water pressure for 30 minutes. The SLD-100 depth sounder is comfortable with whatever weather conditions you are. 

All Carlson survey users will love the simplicity of the SLD-100 setup (30 seconds or less, Bench-mark offers a complete on-line training video on our You-Tube channel) on the setup.  The best part is that all of your data will be collected and stored in the same job file as you are familiar with.

Bench-Mark Equipment and Supplies offers all it’s 5 minute up and running guarantee on all products it sells, including the SLD-100 depth-sounder by Satlab Geosolutions. If you experience a configuration or connection issue while setting up your SLD-100 our technical support specialists will have you up and running over the phone.

SLD100 Depth Sounder

Package Includes:
  • SLD-100 Sounder Electronics Module
  • SLD-100 Transducer, w/ Cable and Connector
  • Charging Cable
  • Boat Mount Bracket
  • USB Charger