The ADL Vantage 35 

A 35 Watt Base Pacific Crest Radio

Canada & USA

Pacific Crest Radio – Canada – Sales & Service
ADL Advantage Pro
Canada – USA
We manufacture (in-house) all the accessories necessary for your ADL base radio
Two Year Warranty & Telephone Support
15+ years of technical experience
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Why Buy a Pacific Crest Radio from Bench-Mark Canada?

When you buy the ADL Vantage 35 from Bench-Mark, you are dealing with experts who are willing to support you at any time. We also manufacture in house all the accessories necessary for your ADL base radio, from ruggedized 12 volt deep cycle battery kits, to radio antenna tripods, so we can ensure you are purchasing a quality product. With 15 years of technical experience, Bench-Mark is able to troubleshoot and correct most issues over the phone, and effectively remediate more extensive issues with our technical expertise. We have published numerous support guides for the integrating the Hemisphere S320 GPS RTK Kit with a Pacific Crest Base Radio and have an extensive training video library with detailed walk-throughs, so most issues can be resolved without even needing to give us a call.

Pacific Crest Radio

Pacific Crest is the most commonly used brand of radio in the Land Surveying market, and the ADL Vantage 35 is their premier product. With an available 35 watts of transmitting power, the ADL Vantage 35 gives you the capability to survey more area than ever before, with achievable ranges in excess of 40 km. The ADL Vantage 35 is programmable with up to 45 frequencies, meaning you will never have to worry about interference. The user friendly graphic interface gives you the ability to change your frequency right there in the field, and if you are working in a “dead zone” the combination of the Hemisphere S320 GNSS RTK Receiver and the ADL Vantage 35 allows you to use your external radio as a repeater, so you can always have a fixed solution. All ADL Vantage 35 radios are rated IP67 for exposure to water and dust, and can be submerged up to 1 meter for half an hour. It is also backwards compatible with all existing Pacific Crest radios, most Trimble radios, and is capable of being configured for use as a Base Radio with most GNSS Survey Receivers on the market today. Conforming to all FCC and CRTC regulations, and with an over the air baud link rate of up to 19,200 baud, the Pacific Crest ADL Vantage 35 is the most capable radio link modem on the market today.

Advantages of an External Base Radio

Most modern GPS RTK receivers come with an integrated radio modem, typically with a power output of 1 watt. While this may be enough for a construction site, if you are trying to survey over a baseline longer than 3 km your receiver’s internal radio may not have the range. Terrain can also negatively affect your range, with the enhanced under canopy performance of the Hemisphere S320 survey receiver you will be able to track your satellites, but be unable to receive RTK corrections from your base, as the interference of the thick vegetation will degrade your radio performance. It is in these situations where we see the advantages of ADL Vantage 35. With 5 programmable power settings from a minimum of 2 watts to a maximum of 35 watts, the ADL Vantage Pro can be optimized for your job site. Working in a ditch? Set up your ADL Vantage 35 on the edge and turn repeater mode on, and your Vantage 35 will re-broadcast your base signal. Working over long distances? You can set the power on your ADL Vantage 35 to maximize your range and conserve your battery life. With the Pacific Crest ADL Vantage 35 base radio, you can ensure that you will never have to waste time on the job site.

Geo-Measure Radio Antenna Tripod

Our Geo-Measure radio antenna tripod is great for RTK base stations. This tripod with antenna mast gets your radio antenna to the desired height easily! The aluminum mast with a 5/8” x 11” threaded tip telescopes to 7.5 ft (2.3 m) and the tripod itself can be set to 5.5 ft (1.7 m) for a total elevation of 13 ft (4 m). Weighs 2.5 lb (1.13 kg) 

Geo-Measure Base Radio Power Kit

Our Geo-Measure base radio power kit includes a 12V, 33 Ah sealed lead acid battery, and has a deep cycle -40oC rating. Kit comes with two SAE (trailer plug) cables with 15 amp fuse, hard impact shipping case, and base battery smart charger.

Radio Antenna Whip

Our Geo-Measure 450-470 MHz 2.3 dB radio antenna whip is used with our long range base booster GNSS RTK kits.

External Base Radio UHF Antenna

Ultra high frequency (UHF) radio waves propagate mainly by line of sight; they are blocked by hills and large buildings although the transmission through building walls is high enough for indoor reception. They are used for numerous applications from cordless phones to walkie-talkies to satellite communication.

The main advantage of UHF transmission is the short wavelength that is produced by the high frequency. The size of transmission and reception antennas is related to the size of the radio wave. The UHF antenna is stubby and short. Smaller and less conspicuous antennas can be used with higher frequency bands.

The major disadvantage of UHF is its limited broadcast range

Pacific Crest Base Radio Antenna Mount Cable

Our Geo-Measure base radio antenna mount cable is 15 foot long elevated feed antenna cable with pole mount for base and BNC connector. It features custom multi-coloured over-molding and intricate wiring harnesses. The over-moulding is enhanced by the addition of new and the continuous upgrading of existing technical processes.

35W Base Radio Cable for Hemisphere GPS

Our Geo-Measure 35W base radio cable is equipped with a Lemo 5 pin connector on one end, with trailer plus power to DB9 on the other.


Pacific Crest Radio – Canada – Sales & Service
ADL Advantage Pro
Canada – USA
We manufacture (in-house) all the accessories necessary for your ADL base radio
Two Year Warranty & Telephone Support
15+ years of technical experience
Calgary, Alberta Canada


pacific crest radio canada adl advantage pro

(1.0) Pacific Crest ADL Vantage 35 35W Base Radio Kit

Product Details
  • 2-35 Watts
  • 430-473 MHz frequency range
  • 1 Year Warranty
Package Includes:
  • ADL 35W Radio
  • GPS Base Radio Cable
  • 6′ Tripod Extension Pole
  • 4.5 m (15′) Radio Antenna Mount Cable
  • Radio Antenna Whip (unity gain)
  • 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Hard Case
  • Trailer Plug Leads x2
  • Wall Smart Charger

(2.0) 6' Tripod Extension Pole

(3.0) GeoMeasure Base Radio Power Kit

Product Details
  • Deep Cycle -40 Degrees Celcius Rating
Package Includes:
  • 12V-33Ah Battery, Sealed Lead Acid
  • SAE (Trailer Plug) cables with 15 Amp Fuse (QTY= 2)
  • Hard impact shipping case (Yellow)
  • Base battery charger Smart Charger

(4.1) Radio Antenna Whip 450-470 MHz 2.3 dB

(4.2) Pacific Crest Radio Antenna Whip (High/Low Split)

(4.3) External Base Radio UHF Antenna 450-470 MHz

(4.4) Long Range Gainflex UHF Antenna 450-470 MHz

(5.1) Pacific Crest Base Radio Antenna Mount Cable

Product Details
  • 3 m (15′) length to BNC connector

(5.2) 35W Base Radio Cable for Hemisphere GPS

(5.3) SAE Trailer Plug Power Cable to Eyelids