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Hemisphere S321 RTK GPS reviews
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We have the best Hemisphere GPS prices in Canada,
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If you choose to purchase an RTK GPS System from…

you will save between 30% and 50% and you will experience equivalent or improved performance compared to the big three manufacturers. You will also receive 80% to 100% better after-sales service, training, technical support, and product repairs; I GUARANTEE IT.

– Rene Boudreau, President, P. Eng Surveying Engineering

Clients who have purchased RTK GPS systems from include:

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Why purchase a Hemisphere RTK GPS system from

Bench-Mark Equipment has provided outstanding sales service and support to the Survey Industry in Alberta for fifteen years. We specialize in GNSS RTK Survey systems, and are the Western Canadian distributor for Hemisphere GNSS RTK products. Because we specialize in GNSS RTK, we are experts in ensuring your equipment is fully functional, and provide local service and support for the GNSS equipment we sell. Our priority is your success; when you phone us for technical support, you will speak to a real person, and we will do our best to have you up and running in five minutes or less.

Our RTK GPS sales success is due to the quality of the GPS RTK systems we choose to sell and the high level of personal service we offer. By partnering with a Hemisphere GNSS company from Calgary, we can learn the product from the experts who designed it. This allows us to offer warranty repair in-house at Bench Mark, with all of the Hemisphere S321 RTK GPS receiver components we have in stock. Our deep knowledge of GNSS receiver service repairs allows us to repair any receiver promptly.

Hemisphere GPS – Built surveyor tough

With an Ingress Protection rating of 67, and a magnesium housing designed to withstand a two-meter pole drop, the S321 is built surveyor tough and will perform in the same conditions as the Hemisphere S320. The S321 has excellent UHF range capability between base and rover with Pacific Crest, Satel, and Trimble radio protocols. Cellular data capability to connect to any GPS RTK network as a rover via NTRIP protocol. The Hemisphere S321 comes standard with a Satel 1 watt radio, and a cellular modem compatible with all current cellular networks.

Core GNSS technology

The brand-new Hemisphere S321 is the next evolution in Hemisphere’s RTK GNSS survey receivers. It carries over the fast and repeatable performance of the S320 while adding more performance. The Hemisphere S321 supports all existing and future constellations; the S321 currently uses GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo in its RTK solution, while QZSS tracking will be added with firmware upgrades. The Hemisphere S321 has enhanced performance through the Athena RTK engine, and can perform in the harshest of Canadian winters. Incorporating Atlas L-Band corrections enables the Hemisphere S321 GPS RTK receiver to perform as a stand-alone high accuracy receiver, making it perfect for off-shore work or steering applications.

The best RTK GPS prices

The Hemisphere S321 GNSS RTK GPS system is priced extremely competitively. Because the Hemisphere company is based in Calgary, Alberta, and Phoenix, Arizona, Bench-Mark has developed a unique relationship and is able to provide an extremely competitive RTK GPS price and level of support that foreign RTK GPS manufacturers have difficulty matching. Our North American manufacturer support speaks the same language and understands the North American survey market. This combined with our Hemisphere S321 RTK GPS lowest price guarantee, means you will save money on your next RTK GPS purchase.

Free Hemisphere S321 training library

Another reason we have had so much success with our S321 RTK GPS system has been our free Hemisphere S321 Training Library on our website, or on YouTube where we provide over 100 one-minute videos to our customers for free. The S321 Training Library will walk you through each stage of the setup process, saving you many hours.

Specialty applications

As a bonus, the Hemisphere S321 GNSS receivers can be programmed for specialty applications, such as hydrographic and echo-soundings. This is accomplished through the use of the WebUI which allows you to configure the receiver to do whatever you want.

Customers who buy RTK GNSS systems often ask…

How accurate is RTK GNSS?

Modern GNSS RTK systems can provide a relative accuracy of 0.8cm +/- 1ppm horizontal and 1.5cm +/- 1ppm in the vertical. This relative accuracy can be translated into absolute accuracy using Monuments. All of Bench-Marks GNSS RTK systems are capable of this level of accuracy.

RTK GNSS prices

How much does an RTK GPS system cost?
Modern GNSS RTK systems are comparable in price to robotic total stations, while providing a much higher level of productivity. As with robotic total stations, prices will vary depending on the manufacturer. With Bench Mark and Hemisphere, you will be getting the best value for money.

Is GNSS surveying difficult?

GNSS survey is extremely easy with Hemisphere equipment and Carlson SurvCE software. Once the equipment has been set-up, you hold you rover upright and click a button on your data collector. Bench-Mark offers training sessions for any customers who would like familiarization.

How long does an RTK battery last?

The Hemisphere S321 comes with two batteries, each with six hours of battery life. This battery life can be extended through the use of Bench Mark’s external power kit, which provides 16 hours of base operation. So the Hemisphere RTK GPS battery can last between 6 and 16 hours.

What is the range of RTK?

The typical range of an RTK system using its internal radios is around 4 – 6 km in the city with no line of sight. This range can be extended by the use of a 35W radio kit to act as a booster or a repeater. All the systems we sell are tested to this specification to ensure radio performance in the field. has been successful selling RTK GPS systems in The USA and Canada because we offer superior after sales service and technical support year after year. We grow our customer base with our affordable product offerings, and retain our clients with superior support. Because of our experience with the Hemisphere S320 RTK GPS and Hemisphere S321 RTK GNSS, we can save a customer so much time with commonly asked technical support questions that we can get any crew up and get your running within five minutes or less. Locally based in Calgary Alberta, we are the GNSS RTK Specialists.

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Hemisphere S321 GNSS RTK GPS

Canada & USA

Calgary, Alberta Canada

GNSS RTK GPS Sales & Support 

canada hemisphere 321 rtk gps system - sales and support

We are so convinced that the Hemisphere S321 RTK GPS will do the job for you that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee with all S321 RTK GPS sales, making your purchase 100% risk-free or your money back.

In summary, this is why you should buy a Hemisphere RTK GPS / RTK GNSS:

  • Easy to use RTK GPS systems that work with Carlson SurvCE
  • Very accurate!
  • Durable: built tough, IP67 rugged & shockproof drop proof enclosure, etc.
  • Feature rich with advanced patented technology; (L-Band DGPS Support, Internal UHF and GSM modem, Auto Level Sensor, Dual Bluetooth Ports, Raw Data SD card Memory, SD Card Scripting)
  • Huge trade-in credit on any used RTK GNSS equipment
  • Competitively priced RTK GPS

Hemisphere S321 GNSS RTK GPS – Sales & Support

We sell GNSS RTK GPS Systems
Canada & USA shipping and support

Calgary, Alberta Canada

GNSS RTK GPS Sales & Service

(1.0) Hemisphere S321 RTK GNSS Kit with Hemisphere CW400 w/ SurvCE

Product Details
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
  • SMS Communication from Base to Rover & Cell Phone
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Tough Magnesium Housing
  • SureFix & aRTK Intelligence for RTK
  • 4GB of Internal Storage, with Expandable SD Memory Slot
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Long Life Batteries
Package Includes:
  • S321 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • S321 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • Hemisphere CW400 w/ SurvCE GPS Software
  • 2.5m GPS Adjustable Rover Pole
  • Pole Mount and GPS Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Tribrach and Adapter
  • Heavy Duty 100% Fiberglass Tripod
  • Pelican Hard Cases
  • GPS Quick Releases

(2.0) Hemisphere S321 RTK GNSS Network Rover with CW400 w/ SurvCE

Product Details
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
  • SMS Communication from Base to Rover & Cell Phone
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Tough Magnesium Housing
  • SureFix & aRTK Intelligence for RTK
  • 4GB Internal Memory, with Expandable SD Memory Slot
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Long Life Batteries
Package Includes:
  • S321 GNSS Network Rover
  • Rover Pole
  • CW400 Data Collector with SurvCE GPS
  • Pole Clamp and Claw
  • Pelican Case
  • GPS Quick Release

(6.0) Hemisphere S320 Battery / Carlson BRX5 Battery

Package Includes:
  • BRX5 Battery

(6.1) Hemisphere S321 Battery / Carlson Brx6 Battery

Package Includes:
  • Brx6 Battery