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Bench-Mark is a survey equipment supplier located in Calgary, Canada. We sell magnetic locators (pin finders) backed by industry-leading service and support. As well as magnetic locators, Bench-Mark also carries every tool needed by surveyors, and we provide a one-stop shopping experience, from accessories to RTK. A family-owned business, Bench-Mark provides a personal support and sales experience, much different to the impersonal, hard to get a hold of experience found in larger companies.

Magnetic Locators – Sales & Support

We sell Schonstedt & Subsurface Pin Finders
Canada & USA shipping and support

Calgary, Canada

We have the best magnetic locator prices in Canada, and we work hard to provide you the best pin finder sales & support experience

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Magnetic Locators

Magnetic Locators, or pin finders, are an important tool in the surveyor’s arsenal. A surveyor needs a tough, reliable, and simple pin finder, which is why Bench-Mark carries both Subsurface Instruments and Schonstedt pin finders. Both are backed by seven-year manufacturer warranties, and are designed for easy one-handed operation. Both manufacturers produce excellent surveyor’s instruments, and have proven themselves overseas, serving as mine detectors in Afghanistan. On top of the magnetic locator’s manufacturer’s warranty, Bench-Mark is happy to help with any technical questions that may arise during operation.

Since 2002, Bench-Mark has made its name by ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase, whether they have purchased an expensive RTK System or an affordable pin finder. Even with a worldwide customer base to support, Bench-Mark has managed to stick to the basics and provide outstanding technical support to all, including our magnet locator customers.

Top Selling Pin Finders

Both Schonstedt and Subsurface produce a range of pin finders, but the base models, the ML-1 magnetic locator and the Schonstedt GA-52Cx are our most popular. Rugged, simple to operate and time-tested, they are our top selling pin finders.

ML1 magnetic locator

The Subsurface ML1 magnetic locator is the best value for money when it comes to pin finders. Competitively priced, it offers world-class performance in a compact package, just 38.75 inches long. It has a long battery life, 40 hours minimum in the field, and weighs only 2 pounds, including batteries. Designed for one-handed operation, you do everything from adjusting gain to volume with only three buttons, and the microprocessor always remembers your settings. Backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty, and constructed of high strength aluminum and ABS plastic, you never have to worry about missing a day’s work. The Subsurface ML1 magnetic locator comes with a soft carrying case, with an optional hard case available for purchase.

ML-1M magnetic locator

The Subsurface ML-1M pin finder combines all the advantages of the ML1, with the bonus of an LCD screen, giving you a visual readout showing positive or negative polarity and your signal strength. Designed to operate the same as the ML1 pin finder, the ML-1M magnetic locator gives you added functionality, without the added learning curve.

ML3S pin finder

With the Subsurface ML3S pin finder, you’ll never worry about the weather again. Waterproof to a depth of 220 feet, the ML3S is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with both audio and visual outputs. With an overall length of 40 inches, a battery life of over 60 hours, and a weight of 1.8 pounds, this is a pin finder that you won’t have to worry about carrying all day. Backed by the Subsurface 7-year warranty and Benchmarks performance guarantee, this is a pin finder that will meet your survey needs.

ML3 pin finder

The ML3L comes with all the features of the ML3S in a 55-inch-long package, allowing you to cover more ground and find more pins without compromising accuracy.

GA-52CX pin finder

The Schonstedt GA-52CX is the original survey pin finder. Constructed of durable aluminum, the GA-52CX is designed for easy one-handed operations, with only two switches to worry about. The GA-52CX pin finder comes equipped with hard case and user’s manual

Magnetic Locator / Pin Finder faq

Where can I buy a Schonstedt pin finder? sells Schonstedt magnetic locators, including the original, and most popular model, the GA-52Cx. If you are interested in saving money, without sacrificing performance. We also carry the SubSurface Instruments ML-1, which features the same performance and rugged construction as the GA-52Cx pin finder, but at a lower price.

How do I use a pin finder?

When using a pin finder to locate survey pins, it is important to remember that a survey marker is typically at least 18” long and located vertically. Hold your magnetic locator vertically and criss-cross the location where you believe the pin is, trying to create an X where the tone of the pin finder is loudest. This will enable you to use your magnetic locator to locate the survey pin accurately.

How do I find a survey pin next to a fence?

A survey pin’s magnetic field is larger, and therefore able to be detected from a greater range than objects that may be causing interference. By raising the locator a foot off the ground, you will be able to pick up the survey pin without the background noise of other ferrous objects. When working near a metal fencing, walk at least a foot away, the magnetic field of the fence should drop off sharply, while the magnetic field of the pin will remain strong, enabling you to detect the unique signature of the survey pin.

Pin Finders – Sales & Support

We sell Schonstedt & Subsurface magnetic locators
Canada & USA shipping and support

Calgary, Canada

We have the best pin finder prices in Canada, and we work hard to provide you the best magnetic locator sales & support experience

Customer satisfaction is one of the ways Bench-Mark has managed to build its customer base over the years. We offer free technical support over the phone for all the products we sell, and when you give us a call, you will speak to a person, not a robot. If you are interested in receiving training on your new pin finder, we offer reasonable pricing and expert instruction. Finally, Bench-Mark stands behind all of the magnetic locators we sell, and we will beat any Canadian competitor’s price on the SubSurface ML-1 pin finder.

(2.1) Subsurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator

Product Details
  • Easy and simple one-hand operation
  • Volume built into the on/off key
  • Electronic keypad “clicks” when keys are depressed
  • Microprocessor remembers the volume and gain setting
  • Strong aluminum microtube construction provides the best structural integrity
  • Lightweight, only about 2 pounds


Package Includes:
  • Soft Case
  • 4 Alkaline 9-volt Batteries
  • Operators Manual

(2.4) Subsurface Instruments ML-3L Magnetic Locator

Product Details
  • Waterproof up to 75 feet
  • Visual LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Detects Ferrous Objects up to 8 feet deep
  • 55″ long
  • Exceptional Durability
Package Includes:
  • Soft Carry Case
  • 3 Alkaline 9-volt Batteries
  • Operators Manual