GPS Technical Support

Bench Mark Equipment was built one customer at a time by providing superior technical support and after sale service. Our customer base continues to expand. We currently service over 200 accounts in Western Canada that use our Hemisphere GPS / GNSS products on a daily basis. By providing quality products at favourable prices, Bench Mark is known as the supplier that gives the most value for the dollar within the industry.

Our staff of well-trained, qualified Land Surveying Equipment Engineers will provide your company with prompt courteous support as long as you own your surveying instruments, FREE of charge. We employ only the latest GNSS training technology like e-mail tech tips, and video training over the web for quick reference procedures in order to keep our customers current and up-to-date on all of our Surveying Instruments. We also circulate from time to time a GNSS newsletter with Tech-Tips and product update information. This newsletter will also keep you up-to-date on Industry news.

Our customers continue to do business with us, not only because we offer the “best value for their money”, but because we support them after they invest in us! Simply put, it is our experience that allows us to provide the best support in the industry! Excellent pricing, knowledgeable technical support and reliable, prompt service is the foundation upon which Bench Mark Equipment & Supplies has been built.


Survey Equipment Repairs

At Bench-Mark we bridge product repairs between the end user (you) and the manufacturer to speed the repair time. For GNSS, as an example, our manufacturer authorized repair technicians can perform all major repairs, including board level repairs. Bench-Mark has invested in all of the latest software and GNSS testing tools. This enables us to repair your equipment faster than most manufacturers in many cases. Some of the GNSS repair services that we provide on a daily basis include: Range tests, problem diagnostics, power port replacement, button repairs on enclosures, cable troubleshooting and testing, radio spectrum performance etc…

Long after a GNSS product is listed as “End-of-Life” by the manufacturer and replacement parts are no longer available. Bench Mark can increase the lifespan of your GNSS investment using our pool of used equipment parts. An example of this in-house repair is a data collector touch screen replacement.

Annual maintenance should be performed on all GNSS equipment. All cables should be checked for breakage and intermittent signal strength, GPS enclosures should be checked to make sure they are watertight, they should also be cleaned and screws tightened. Connectors that hold external antennas need to be replaced sometimes with better hardware than what was supplied from the original manufacture. RTK radio Range should be tested to see if radios are performing to within specifications. These are some of the services that our customers have come to trust Bench-Mark Equipment & Supplies to perform.

Should your GNSS equipment need repair because it has become damaged we have a large rental pool that can be drawn upon at any time.


GPS Training

Bench Mark provides custom field training tailored for each and every surveyors exact requirements. Our staff is experienced in engineering, land surveying and technical product knowledge.

Bench Mark’s founder, Rene Boudreau, is a Professional Land Surveying Engineer and has a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Geomatics. He has worked in the field as a Land Surveyor and appreciates the challenges of the profession. This provides exceptional knowledge value to the products that we sell. We understand what you need to be able to do to make money.

Our staff is happy to provide technical support and training for all your needs; including GNSS, data collector, pipe locator, and Robotic Total Station training.