Survey Equipment FAQ

Data Collector

How do I reset the computer after a lock up?

Hold down the power button until the computer resets

Why can’t I load the software?

The computer may disconnect from ActiveSync when there is not enough memory allocated to ‘”Storage Memory'”. In the control panel, select the ‘”System'” icon followed by the Memory tab. Position the slider so that there is 5mb (5120 kb) allocated and not in use (i.e. if the ‘”In Use'” value says 1024 kb then add 1024 & 5120 to determine what the ‘”Allocated'” value should be.

How do I clear the RAM backup and why?

Clearing the RAM backup seems to improve performance on the Ranger platform after new programs have been installed or removed. Make sure that all software applications are closed and select the ‘”RAM Backup'” icon from the control panel. Select the ‘”Delete'” button and answer ‘”Yes'” to the three resulting message boxes.

Why can’t I communicate through the COM port?

If you cannot communicate with the instrument, verify all COM settings in SurvCE and make sure that they match the COM settings on the instrument. If it happens to be that you were communicating fine and the COM settings have not been altered, try one of the following until it clears up the COM port:

  • Exit SurvCE, turn off the computer, turn back on the computer and re-enter SurvCE.
  • Exit SurvCE and perform a soft reset on the device (Verify that all applications have been closed).
  • Exit SurvCE and perform a hard reset on the device (Verify that all applications have been closed).

How frequently should I charge the device?

Refer to your hardware manual for specifics, but most of the newer CE devices are coming with lithium ion batteries that do not establish a ‘”memory'” based on your charging habits after the initial charge has been established per the manufacturers suggestions. Charge the device as necessary which will likely be nightly to ensure a full battery for the next day in the field.

How do I calibrate the touch screen?

In the control panel of the CE device, select the ‘”Stylus'” icon to configure the ‘”Double Tab'” and ‘”Calibration'” of the touch screen.

How do I turn on/off the backlight?

Press and release the yellow function button followed by the F3/F8 button located at the top center of the keyboard.

GPS/GNSS Receiver

How do I configure my Hemisphere GPS S320 in SurvCE?

Instructions can be downloaded here: Hemisphere S320 Quickstart (pdf)

Where do I measure the HI to on the S321?