Used RTK GPS Equipment / Used Survey Equipment

At any one time, Bench Mark will have several used RTK GPS systems available for sale. Each used system is tested and check for any defect or poor performance. All used RTK GPS equipment is range tested between the base and rovers for distance to ensure that RTK base and RTK rover radio have good transmission and reception strength. Each used RTK GNSS receiver system is tested for maximum battery life. The latest firmware version is leaded on all used RTK GPS receivers for maximum RTK GNSS performance. If a refurbishment of the used RTK GPS equipment is required, then minor repairs are done to the used RTK GPS systems prior to release. All GPS cables are tested and any missing components are added to the used RTK GPS survey system so that our customers will not have to source any of these items. All used RTK GNSS systems come with a 30 day warranty and should have a long productive life.

Many of our used RTK GNSS GPS equipment customers become regular long term customers because we service their used equipment for several years after they acquire them. These customers have the option of upgrading to new at any time for fair market value on their used RTK GNSS systems, or can purchase more used RTK GPS equipment from Bench Mark. We stand behind our used RTK GPS GNSS and continue to provide FREE technical support long after the product has gone end of life by the manufacturer.

(1.0) Sokkia GSR2700 ISX RTK GNSS Long Range with Archer

Package Includes:
  • GSR2700 ISX Base, Internal Satel UHF Radio, charger, antenna, case
  • GSR2700 ISX Rover, Internal Satel UHF Radio,charger, antenna, case
  • Archer w/ SurvCE GPS Software, charger, battery, d/d cable
  • Pole Mount and Cradle
  • Data Cable
  • Hi Tape

(2.0) Used Hemisphere S320 RTK GNSS Kit

Product Details
  • SMS Communication from Base to Rover & Cell Phone
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Auto Level Sensor
  • Surveyor Built Tough Housing
  • SureTrack Intelligence for RTK
  • Raw Data Storage – 2GB SD Card
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Long Life Batteries
Package Includes:
  • S320 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • S320 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • XF2 w/ Carlson SurvCE GPS Software
  • Pelican Hard Case

(3.0) Used Pacific Crest PDL Rover Radio (450-470)

Product Details
  • 450-470
  • The PDL Rover connects directly to your RTK GPS rover station and offers excellent performance with its highly sensitive radio receiver.
  • Fast – 9600 bps and 19,200 bps raw data rates.
  • Multiprotocol – Compatible with the largest installed base of RTK systems.
  • Internal lithium-ion battery- 10+ hours.
  • Rugged-Water tight all-weather operation.
Package Includes:

Comes with charger and antenna whip