UAV for Mapping and 3D Modelling

One of the most exciting recent developments in the Surveying industry is the proliferation and development of small lightweight UAV systems, designed for high precision aerial mapping. With the advances that have been made in control software, surveying with a UAV is as simple as programming your way points, and turning your UAS on; meaning flying a UAS no longer requires advanced training. This has opened this exciting and efficient technology up to the wider survey market, and Bench Mark is confident that survey UAV’s will have the same impact on workflow as GNSS RTK systems did.

For these reasons, Bench Mark is proud to offer a new line of Survey Drone multi-rotor copter systems, the complete aerial mapping solution. Capable of being equipped with a wide range of sensor options, including cameras, thermal and multispectral imaging, and velodyne lidar, the Surveyor 630 Drone is capable of surveying a 2 square kilometer site, in 12 min, while achieving a horizontal accuracy of 1-2 cm. With a maximum range of 12 km’s, there’s little that the Surveyor drone cannot do.


What are the Advantages of a Survey UAS System?

One of the most significant advantages of a Survey UAV system, otherwise known as a drone, is the wide range of applications that the UAV may be used for. Many would assume that a Survey UAV system was designed and optimized for one task, namely collecting images for use in a photogrammetric analysis, aerial mapping. However, the modularity of the design means that your UAV system will be capable of many different applications, from aerial inspections, to thermal analysis, all with a real time video feed. All that is required is a different sensor suite, and you will be able to handle a multitude of applications.

That’s not to say, however, that the UAS will not excel at aerial mapping. One of the biggest advantages of a Survey UAS from the surveyor’s perspective is the amount of time that can be saved in certain applications. If you are trying to calculate the volume of a landfill, a series of piles, or the size of a quarry, in the past you would have had two options. You would have needed to purchase an expensive laser scanner, set up in multiple locations, and wait for hours while the scanner completed its task; or you could have manually collected a series of points, using your total station or a GPS RTK system. With a Survey Drone system, you program in a series of way points, lay out some ground control, and turn your UAS on. A short time later, you have all the information you need to make your volume calculations. A Survey UAS system is also the perfect instrument for topographic surveys, as you can expect accuracy’s approaching 1 cm.

Survey UAS is also a perfect tool for environmental remediation and spill monitoring. With highly accurate photogrammetric analysis and a 30 minute flight time, as well as optional live video feed, a Survey UAS system enables you to make decisions with accurate information in real time, perfect for remediation purposes.

Additionally, the survey drone that Bench Mark is proud to sell has a host of features that will give you an advantage over the other aerial mapping solutions currently in the marketplace. The Surveyor 630 drone is made of carbon fiber, meaning it is both durable and lightweight. Since it is a multi-rotor copter design, the Surveyor also has the durability advantage of controlled landings and takeoffs. Many of the Survey UAV in the marketplace are based on conventional fixed wing platforms, these may have the disadvantage of requiring a catapult system for take-off; they all have the disadvantage of landing via controlled flight into terrain, or as it’s more commonly referred to, crashing. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a Survey drone that risks disaster every time you use it? With the Surveyor 630, you never have to worry about a take-off or landing, you just unfold the motor arms and go.


Orion 700

Bench-Mark is now offering the Orion 700 UAV, a specialized variant of the Surveyor 630 Drone, developed in collaboration with FLIR Canada and designed specifically for radiometric sequence recording. Boasting a high resolution FLIR A65 camera, the Orion 700 gives you all the operational and performance advantages of the Surveyor 630, in a package specifically optimized for capturing thermal imagery. With an on-board Windows 7 PC capable of storing 480 gigabytes of data, the Orion 700 UAV gives you the capability to analyze your captured data on the pixel level, providing you with first in class capability.

Why buy a Survey UAS System from Bench Mark

Bench Mark is known through the survey industry for providing the highest quality equipment at the lowest price, with more technical support than anyone else in the industry. Our commitment to our new Canadian built UAV system means you can expect the same level of customer support you’ve become accustomed to, and our commitment to you as the customer means you know that you are purchasing the most advanced and capable multi rotor UAV survey system available. With a support system based in Canada, meaning you don’t have to worry about lengthy repair lead times.

(2.0) Infinite Jib Surveyor 630 UAS

Product Details
  • Designed for Survey, Mapping, Construction and Environmental Applications
  • Ideal for topographical surveys, inspections and mine/pile surveying
  • Capable of carrying a wide range of sensors such as thermal, multispectral, velodyne lidar, etc.
  • Capable of flying in winds over 50 km/hr
  • 2.0 kg pay load
  • 120 m ceiling
  • 5-8 m/s cruise speed
  • 25 min flight time range
  • Can produce video feed
  • Will fly a pre-programmed way point path
  • Built in emergency return home functionality
  • Canadian made
Package Includes:
  • Surveyor 630 UAV
  • Futaba Controller
  • Smart Charger
  • 2x Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • iPad with Flight waypoint software including mapping functions
  • Camera system (Nikon) with GPS geo-reference system
  • Flight simulator training software

(4.0) Agisoft Photoscan Professional

Product Details
  • Photogrammetric Triangulation
  • Dense Point Cloud: Editing and Classification
  • Digital Elevation Model: DSM/DTM Export
  • Georeferenced Orthomosaic export
  • Measurements: Distances, Areas, Volumes
  • Ground Control Points: High Accuracy Surveying
  • Multispectral Imagery Processing
Package Includes:
  • Agisoft Photoscan Pro