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The ML-1 is one of SSI’s longest-enduring and popular products for magnetic detection. Whether you’re seeking corner markers (iron or steel), well casings, steel drums or septic tank handles, this is the go-to magnetic locator for you.

And for good reason. The ML series offers simple one-handed operation with an easy-to-learn keypad featuring only three buttons – no menus or cumbersome instructions to follow. The audio unit has the volume built into the on/off key; just hold down the key while it cycles through the settings. The ML-1 features strong monotube construction, providing structural integrity you can count on.

(2.1) Subsurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator

Product Details
  • Easy and simple one-hand operation
  • Volume built into the on/off key
  • Electronic keypad “clicks” when keys are depressed
  • Microprocessor remembers the volume and gain setting
  • Strong aluminum microtube construction provides the best structural integrity
  • Lightweight, only about 2 pounds


Package Includes:
  • Soft Case
  • 4 Alkaline 9-volt Batteries
  • Operators Manual

(2.4) Subsurface Instruments ML-3L Magnetic Locator

Product Details
  • Waterproof up to 75 feet
  • Visual LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Detects Ferrous Objects up to 8 feet deep
  • 55″ long
  • Exceptional Durability
Package Includes:
  • Soft Carry Case
  • 3 Alkaline 9-volt Batteries
  • Operators Manual